Wildlife Rangers

Our Wildlife Ranger Service is a programme which we have been running in many schools for several years. In each school it is an ongoing project which runs for a three hour morning session at regular intervals throughout the year and seasons. There are two general aims for the wildlife rangers, which are to survey and record the wildlife in your school grounds, and to carry out activities which will increase the numbers and diversity of wildlife in the school.

It all starts with children who would like to be Wildlife Rangers filling in a job application form. They are then interviewed, and from this we select a group of children who are good candidates. At the end of a year of Wildlife Rangers we should have collected a series of reports on a wide range of wildlife in the school grounds, as well as photos taken during each session, which can then be presented as the Wildlife Rangers journal. There are also many other creative ways in which the school could display the nature living within their grounds (without having a table of live minibeasts! ).

Whether you have an established wildlife garden in your school or not, the Wildlife Rangers is the perfect way to find out exactly what is living there. From the results that they find, the children are encouraged to think through why things may or may not be present, then suggest ideas of how to encourage more wildlife into the school. Many of these will be simple solutions which can be carried out by the children themselves, and as the months go by, they should see the changes that take place as a result.

For more information click here to view a sample Wildlife Ranger journal