BTCV training courses and willow magic

December 17th, 2011 | Category: Featured, News

Willow weaving, pond creation, outdoor learning…. all included in our new list of training courses for the BTCV! We ran the first two-day course on willow at Cramond Primary this week and it was a great success, with everyone getting the chance to see willow tunnel, dome and fence creation, from digging trenches to weaving and creative touches to finish. Hopefully the freestyle nature of our willow work rubbed off on everyone so now many more corners of Scotland will have bespoke willow features popping up this winter!

Thanks to everyone who attended the course, did a great job and left cramond with an extended willow fence, two new iglooy domes, and one huge eye/egg/bagel tunnel feature… hard to explain but it looks brilliant! Take a look at the BTCV website to search for more Earth Calling training.

Also a big thanks to JPR Environmental who, every year without fail, supply us with the very best willow to play with. Their website is bursting with all sorts of willow info. Looking forward to another season of freezing fingers!

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