Earth Calling is an exciting and respected environmental education organisation based in Edinburgh.  We carry out a wide variety of services including running wildlife teaching sessions, wildlife clubs, wildlife ranger services and creating wildlife-friendly areas in school grounds. Taking place mainly in primary schools, our work is fun and inspiring both for us and the young people we work with!

Why volunteer with us?

We’re always delighted to welcome new volunteers at Earth Calling and do our best to provide a supportive and accommodating atmosphere in which to develop your skills and confidence. All you need is a passion for the environment and the ability to commit at least a couple of hours a week during school term time (grounds and curricular work, 09.00–14.00; after-school clubs, Mon–Thurs 15.00–17.15, Fri 13.00–15.15).

Just give us a shout at [email protected]

As well as the satisfaction of knowing that you have made a real contribution to the future of the environment, volunteering for also offers the following benefits:

  • A head-start in the race for environment-related jobs; many of our volunteers have gone on to positions as Rangers
  • Training in outdoor conservation work including: hedging, fencing, pond and marsh making, path laying, working with willow, and planting and managing areas for wildlife-friendliness and study opportunities
  • Experience in designing and delivering environmental experiences, both curriculum-based and after school
  • Experience in group leadership in the field
  • Opportunities for employment with Earth Calling: several volunteers have gone on to part-time employment with us

All applicants will be subject to checks under the disclosure Scotland initiative

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Volunteer Profiles

Jakob Jassmann


Jakob is studying for a PhD in forest pathology at the University of Edinburgh. When not volunteering for Earth Calling, you will probably find him somewhere deep in the woodlands of Great Britain or donning a labcoat at the University’s zoology building, using forensics methods to find out who is killing our trees.

Having been a volunteer for Earth Calling for more than three years now, Jakob enjoys passing on his fascination for the natural environment to the next generation – a small and welcome distraction from his scientific work. After all, what better excuse could be there to climb trees, stalk badgers or light campfires?

According to Gus’ stories Jakob can jump three meters high, climb like a monkey and runs faster than a cheetah. Though this is not quite true, Jakob was once bitten by a shark when diving for pearls in the South Pacific – as a scar on his left leg can testify!



I’m a student at James Gillespie’s High School where I am very happy. I have always had a keen interest in wildlife, but Earth Calling really helped me to experience it more directly from a young age. I love how it’s such an inclusive organisation. I’ve learnt so much over the years at the clubs and wanted to pass on some of that knowledge and help give great experiences to other children. Volunteering also means that I get to visit Cramond Island in the middle of a blizzard, I still have an excuse to get to get covered in mud, and I continue to learn so much more wildlife stuff.

Fraser Dunmore


I live in Edinburgh and have always Lived here. I was born in 2000 and have been part of Earth Calling since 2007. When I was younger I always said to Gus that I would come and help out when I was in high school. I do 2-3 clubs a week and I still learn lots new things at these clubs. I am a very patient with people and I’m good at thinking on my feet. I am also a very keen explorer scout and volunteer at my local beaver and cub group. I am very interested in trees and wild food, I love fishing and camping. I am also a bit or a pyromaniac but still very safe with fire. (Fraser was also the first proper teenage volunteer for Earth Calling after school clubs).

Sarah Gardener

Sarah Gardener

Sarah went to Blackhall primary and is now in fourth year at the Royal High Scgool. She was part of the Wednesday after school clubs during her primary school and you can still see some of the extremely embarrassing photos of her the website. Eek. She began volunteering with her friends for Earth Calling last year as part of her bronze Duke Of Edinburgh. When the three months required of them were over, her and her fellow partners in crime decided that they’d like to annoy Gus and the rest of the people at Earth Calling for a little bit longer so have stayed on for their silver. Who knows, they might still be there when they’re 90.

Interesting trivia? Well she enjoys running after famous people and asking to shake their hand whilst probably terrifying them at the same time. Apologies to Bill Nighy, Malorie Blackman and Josh Widdicombe.

Emma Gray

space emma

My name is Emma and I go to The Royal High School. I went to the Tuesday Earth Calling club at D’Mains. Then I came back with two friends to pester Gus a bit more in 3rd year when we did our bronze Duke of Edinburgh. Once that was completed we decided to stay and grace the club with our presence for a bit longer.
I play the violin and I love reading (go Harry!). I also love the VlogBrothers. I also have a sharp elbow and my favourite word is pansycake. It comes from Veronica Roth’s book ‘Insurgent’.