Grounds Development

Earth Calling specialises in creating bespoke wildlife and environmental developments in school grounds. As the photos above show, our repertoire includes a wide range of projects and our skills and experience allow us to continually evolve our current themes and come up with new ideas. Project size varies hugely – we can plant a few trees or create a whole woodland, build a couple of small raised beds or one 5 metres square with steps leading up to it, paths across it and trees planted in it. A small willow tunnel or a 20 metre diameter willow-walled amphitheatre. The possibilities are limited only by imagination! We have a very rustic style, using naturally finished timbers and materials, and recycled where possible. These touches transform something that may have been quite bland into something that doesn’t just serve a purpose, it is a feature in itself. A raised bed doesn’t have to be filled with plants before it looks amazing!