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Do you want an exciting, fun, adventurous birthday party to remember for your child? Look no further! We can run parties outdoors in various wild locations around the city, woods, rivers or beaches, and tailor them to what your child is interested in – whether it’s wildlife or bushcraft. Here’s a few activities we can do, though we have lots more up our sleeves…

  • Fire making
  • Den building
  • Bread making
  • Minibeast challenges, like slugs on faces and bug races
  • An outdoor team challenge day in the woods – who can build the highest tower, find the fastest slug, completely camouflage someone in the woods, and lots more
  • Bow and arrow making (age dependent!)
  • Stealth and hiding games in the woods
  • A beach party – catching crabs, fish, digging holes in the sand, splashing in the sea, endlss fun at the beach
  • A river party – catching fish and building rafts

We’ll always have a fire and toast marshmallows.

If you’d like to discuss outdoor birthday parties, and for information on pricing, email Gus

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